Discover what it
means to be a
Norwex Tiny Hero

Are you ready to build a clean world? Be part of Norwex Tiny Hero and take charge of:

It’s all about keeping yourself clean and healthy and stepping up as a hero to stop the spread of infectious diseases.

Heroes take on chores and responsibilities to keep the home and surrounding as clean as possible!

Be a Tiny Hero who wastes as little as possible, reuses as much as possible and works to preserve the beauty of Planet Earth.

Power Up!

Enjoy lots of benefits as a
Tiny Hero member

  • Sing, play games and take part in all kinds of fun activities with other kids online on Zoom in our “Tiny Heroes United!” parties.
  • Download activity sheets and play online games right here on NorwexTinyHeroes.
  • We also have great content made just for Mommy & Daddy!
  • Earn points to unlock new content or redeem special Norwex gifts

Tiny Heroes Missions

Play games and interact daily on the Tiny Heroes site to unlock missions.

Unlock missions as a community where Norwex will commit to personal hygiene, cleaning or environmental related projects that will impact schools and neighbourhoods in Malaysia & Singapore.

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