Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about Tiny Heroes and Agents of Change. Check back regularly as this FAQ will be updated from time to time by the Norwex team.

Agent of Change is a community-driven program that seeks to encourage parents & young adults to get involved in reaching out to younger generation (5 - 10 years old) on the importance of cleaning to save the environment.

To be a member of Agents of Change, follow the steps below:

  1. Sign-up as Tiny Heroes Member (Parent Account)
  2. Sign-up as a Norwex Consultant
  3. Purchase Hedgehog OR Kids Cleaning Duo
  4. Sign up as Agents of Change


Once your Agent of Change account has been activated, you can submit project request to the Norwex team on the site which will be evaluated by the team.

You can find all the training materials under the Resource Library to help you start doing the Agent of Change project.

The Norwex team will also help to walk you through your project and any improvements before the project is published to everyone to join in.

Here are some general guidelines that you can use when you are proposing a project idea for the community to join in on.

  1. Your project should be child friendly (5-10 years old)
  2. Party must be thematically aligned to the 3 pillars of Tiny Heroes:
    1. Personal Hygiene
    2. Home and Community
    3. Environment


  1. You can use the Agent Of Change party module we have prepare for you
  2. Your party should be designed for small or medium groups of parents and their children

  1. Help you to tap into new market segments – Young Parents
  2. Rewards Program – Earn Points when you participate in Agents of Change project to redeem Norwex Products
  3. Members will have the privilege to guest as a Teacher in our Tiny Heroes Unite