Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about Tiny Heroes and Agents of Change. Check back regularly as this FAQ will be updated from time to time by the Norwex team.

Agent of Change is a community-driven program that seeks to encourage parents & young adults to get involved in reaching out to younger generation (5 - 10 years old) on the importance of cleaning to save the environment.

To be a member of Agents of Change, follow the steps below:

  1. Sign-up as Tiny Heroes Member (Parent Account)
  2. Sign-up as a Norwex Consultant
  3. Purchase Hedgehog OR Kids Cleaning Duo
  4. Sign up as Agents of Change


Once your Agent of Change account has been activated, you can submit project request to the Norwex team on the site which will be evaluated by the team.

You can find all the training materials under the Resource Library to help you start doing the Agent of Change project.

The Norwex team will also help to walk you through your project and any improvements before the project is published to everyone to join in.

Here are some general guidelines that you can use when you are proposing a project idea for the community to join in on.

  1. Your project should be child friendly (5-10 years old)
  2. Party must be thematically aligned to the 3 pillars of Tiny Heroes:
    1. Personal Hygiene
    2. Home and Community
    3. Environment


  1. You can use the Agent Of Change party module we have prepare for you
  2. Your party should be designed for small or medium groups of parents and their children

  1. Help you to tap into new market segments – Young Parents
  2. Rewards Program – Earn Points when you participate in Agents of Change project to redeem Norwex Products
  3. Members will have the privilege to guest as a Teacher in our Tiny Heroes Unite

Signing up as a Tiny Heroes member is easy. Just click on Create New Account on the top right corner of the website to access to sign-up form.

Fill in your personal details plus your Norwex Consultant ID if you’re already a member of the Norwex Family to create a Parent Account. Parent Accounts are used for parents and guardians to manage their kids’ accounts.

Verify your email address to activate your account and you’re done.

Once you’re logged in you can then create Child Accounts for your kids. Child Accounts are used to track activities and collect points when your kids play games or participate in activities on the site.

Each Child Account will have a unique Username which parents and guardians can specify during the creation of a Child Account.

Click here to create a Parent Account!

Tiny Hero members gain access to the following benefits.

Benefits for Children

  1. Gain access to Tiny Heroes Unite Zoom Parties where they can interact with other kids in fun format that combines physical activity and lessons every month
  2. Collect points by participating in online activities and playing games
  3. Collected points can be used to redeem Norwex products

Benefits for Parents

  1. Parents will get updated from time to time on activities for their kids
  2. Get updated on Facebook Live Streams and the latest articles that are published on the site
  3. Be the first to find out about exclusive Norwex offers

Go to About Tiny Heroes to find out more.

Tiny Heroes memberships are open to both parents and children. A Parent Account is needed first before a Child Account can be created. To create a Parent Account click here.

A Parent Account is used for parents, guardians and adults that would not be able to collect points for games, etc. A Child Account is an account that is linked to a Parent Account that is used for children. Child Accounts are able to collect points and participate in any of the children activities that are available on such as games, discussions and more.

No, you cannot sign-up or create a Child Account without creating a Parent Account first.

Yes, you can sign up for a Parent Account without any Child Accounts but you’ll enjoy less benefits as the Norwex Tiny Heroes program is designed specifically for children and their parents.

No. You do not need to be a Norwex Consultant in order to sign up for a Tiny Heroes Parent Account.

Each family should only maintain one Parent Account to host multiple Children Accounts.

Points are collected as a whole and total points collected from participating in various Tiny Heroes activities will be consolidated for prize redemptions.


Child Accounts do not require email address but Parent Accounts do.

The content such as educational games, materials and resources are available to all nationalities to access and explore. However, Tiny Heroes membership is currently exclusive to residents of Malaysia and Singapore.

For Parent Accounts, your Username is the email address that you supplied to us during the sign-up process.

For Child Accounts, the Usernames are the ones that were created by your Parent Account for each child.

Just use the Forgot Password feature and you’ll be able to set a new password if you have a Parent Account.

If you’ve forgotten the email address that you used please contact us at and share with us your mobile number so we can verify who you are before we provide the email address that was used in your Parent Account.

If you have a Child Account, then the Forgot Password feature will notify your mommy & daddy who will be able to set a new password for you.

Log in to your Parent Account and go to your Account Summary.

You then need to go to My Kids > Account Summary where you can check your child's registered username and reset the password.

Points can be collected by participating in the following activities:

  1. Daily logins
  2. Playing games on the site
  3. Participating in our Tiny Heroes Unite Zoom Parties
  4. Watching “Learn with Tiny Heroes” videos
  5. Answering “Learn with Tiny Heroes” quizzes
  6. Participating in “Learn with Tiny Heroes” Guided Discussions
  7. Downloading Printables in Tiny Heroes Adventureland
  8. Participating in special activities which will be organised from time to time

Only Child Accounts are able to collect points for their participation in on-site activities and games. 

For Agents of Change (AOC), you will earn points when your registration is approved. You are also able to collect points when you conduct Agents of Change projects. Please contact your Regional Sales Managers or email us at to find out more about Agents of Change projects.

Child Accounts collect points for individual efforts and all the points are pooled collectively for redemption purposes.

A history of points collected can be viewed in each Child Account Summary.

For Parent Accounts

Just login to your Parent Account and click on the Point Summary bar which can be toggled on and off on the right hand side of the site which gives you a summary of all the points that every Child Account under that Parent Account have accumulated.

For Child Accounts

Kids can check on their individual point totals by clicking on the Point Summary bar as well.

Just login to your account and click on the toggleable Point Summary bar which will show a summary of points that have been added recently to your account.

Please note that some activities only award points one-time only and subsequent playthroughs or participation will not award points to your Tiny Heroes account. Some activities require completion of said activity within a set time frame so that could also be a reason why you did not receive points for that particular activity.

Another reason why you’re not receiving points is because you’re not logged in to your account. The Tiny Heroes site can only award points to members with Child Accounts who are logged in. Parent Accounts will not receive any points when participating in children games and printable.

If you believe there was a system error please contact so our team can check the backend if there was a problem and we can manually adjust the points if your claim is valid.

When your child participates in a Tiny Heroes Unite Zoom party, completes a Learn with Tiny Heroes module, participates in a project or won a contest they are awarded badges.

Badges are awarded as an activity will fall into one of the following categories:

  1. Personal Hygiene
  2. Home and Community
  3. Environment

These badges are awarded by the site administrators and points updates to these badges are done periodically after an activity or contest.

Your points can first and foremost be used to redeem prizes from Norwex.

Points are also automatically tallied for Child Accounts so that they can Rank Up as well as be used to determine their placements on our Leaderboards.

Your points also contribute to a community-wide activity that unlocks Tiny Heroes Missions which you and your parents can then join in. Some of these missions could be community relief activities and some could even be fun outings. Look out for them!

Tiny Heroes Ranks demonstrate a members’ passion and knowledge when it comes to their participation in activities on the site. Motivate your kids to go further and to learn more about creating a safer home, ensuring their personal hygiene and loving Mother Earth.

Ranking Up is easy. Just participate in various activities and earn Tiny Heroes Points which then “level up” your account. There are currently 3 ranks to aspire to.




You’re still exploring the world of personal hygiene, home and community and the environment. You still have some ways to go and are in for an exciting journey of discovery where you’ll learn more about these topics through lots of fun activities and games.


You are an intermediate student of the art of personal hygiene, home and community and the environment. Your knowledge of these topics is considerable and you are well on your way to being a hero at home and in school.


You’re a full-fledged Tiny Heroes Ranger; a super hero in the art of personal hygiene, home and community and the environment. Your knowledge and skill in these areas are vast. Your family and friends look up to you as a protector in your home and a defender of Mother Earth.

Your points will expire on an annual basis, which coincide with your joined date. For example, if you signed up on 1st January 2022, your points will expire on 1st January 2023. A reminder will be sent to the registered email affiliated to your Parent's Account a month before the points expire. 

Tiny Heroes Unite is a weekly Zoom Party that is broadcast monthly where kids can gather together to participate in live fun and games with our Teachers.

Tiny Heroes Unite is usually held on the third week of every month.

Stay updated by following the Norwex Facebook pages in order to be notified on the next Tiny Heroes Unite activity. Alternatively you can also visit every month for updates.

By participating in Tiny Heroes Unite you’ll get the opportunity to take part in contests and other activities that will give you the opportunity to be awarded badges or points.

It’s simple. Just go to Tiny Heroes Unite and click on the Register button so we can remind you when the next Zoom Party is happening. On the day of the party you can join in the stream by viewing the stream directly on our website.

Just go to the Norwex Malaysia or Singapore Facebook page where recordings of past parties can be found.

You may play any game as many times as you want but points are only awarded once per game when you submit your results. Further playthroughs do not qualify for further points in your Tiny Heroes account.

If you’ve completed a game before the timer runs out just click on the “Submit” button on the top right corner of the website which will send your results to the Norwex team.

Points will be awarded to your account once submissions are reviewed. Extra points will be awarded if all your answers are correct. As game submissions are reviewed on the 7th of every month, points will only be awarded to your account thereafter.

Not to worry! Comments in Learn with Tiny Heroes Guided Discussions are moderated so give our moderator some time to get to your comment and if everything is alright, your comment will be published!

Tiny Heroes Missions are group activities that could be actual events or online events that are organised in Malaysia or Singapore. These activities are only organised when the entire Tiny Heroes Community reaches certain accumulated points totals as a whole.

All you have to do to participate in Tiny Heroes Missions is to get your kids to engage regularly with by playing the games, participating in Learn with Tiny Heroes Discussions, downloading Printables, etc in order to earn points.

Every point that is earned by the community is tallied up in order to unlock a Tiny Hero Mission,

Once a Tiny Hero Mission has been unlocked members can apply to participate in the mission. Participation details will be shared when a Mission is published on the site.

The system has been set (by default) to deduct 100 points for delivery fees. Any redemption for the month will be processed on the 27th of every month and gifts will be mailed out to recipeints on the 7th of the following month.

Please contact us at by including your username and a brief description of the problem you encountered. Do include any screen shots in your email if you have them.

If you need support, please contact us by emailing us at